The Perfect Balance of Luxury and Comfort Apartments in Mumbai

The Perfect Balance of Luxury and Comfort Apartments in Mumbai

Still looking for that elusive, luxurious big-city home? It's important to remember that luxury  and style doesn’t always translate to comfort. And what builders may claim to be luxury, may not necessarily fit the bill. A few superior amenities and a posh and safe locale may or may not make your daily life, navigating through an apartment, comfortable. So when you’re out and about looking for your next ‘perfect home in Mumbai, make sure to keep the following points in mind.


If the house feels crunched for space, whether it’s the width of the living room, ample free area in the bathroom or the floor-to-ceiling height, it’s not real luxury or comfort. You have to give yourself and your guest enough space to move around comfortably in the event of a house party. Always imagine how you’d fit 30 people in a room and then decide.

Light and views

Would you rather live in a bright and vibrant house or spend most days with a dull and gloomy vibe surrounding you? A house with access to ample of natural light from every direction helps improve your mood, even on the foggiest days, and lends the space a richer and grander feeling. Also, looking down upon the ocean or a garden is much more desirable than the view of a concrete jungle. Houses with better views and ventilation generally tend to have a higher resale value too.

Optimal floor plan

Go over the blueprint of the apartment to ensure maximum utility of space. Avoid selecting a house with awkward, space-consuming columns and pillars, very long hallways, ill-positioned doors and windows and other inconvenient corners. Make sure you can maintain a clear distinction between your private and social space. This adds a great level of comfort to the occupants of the house and gives them the freedom of shielding their personal space from prying eyes.

Also look out for clean and ‘hidden in plain sight’ storage options, or at least functional areas available to be put to use. One can never have too much storage space.

Architectural exclusivity

It’s always good to read up on the builders and designers of the building and look at their past work to be able to judge the quality of their latest project. Architects with beautiful and distinct buildings, with futuristic yet practical and eco-conscious designs must be your obvious choice.

Project density

This refers to the accommodation capacity of the residential complex. In general, it is a good idea to go for projects with limited number of houses or apartments to ensure enough space for all and more importantly, privacy. Sharing the project’s amenities with too many people may compromise its exclusivity, comfort and charm. A smaller community is also a close knit one, allowing the residents to build a level of friendship and comfort over time.


True sense of comfort and peace of mind comes from knowing one’s security isn’t being compromised. There are two aspects involved here. Ensure that the project has enough CCTV cameras with no blind spots and 27 x 7 reliable security guards. Also check on their policy on background checks for selling and of renting flats. Another thing to keep in mind is the access from the outside into your house. Make sure another building or tower isn’t too close to having a clear view into your rooms. These little things go a long way in ensuring privacy and security.

Built-in luxuries

A house cannot be truly comfortable without some obvious luxuries to help one out through the day. It is important to understand what kind of amenities and furnishings are being offered by the builder. For example, a modular kitchen featuring king size fridge, wall oven, super quite dishwasher, walk in pantry, various modern appliances, and seating space is a desirable quality in an apartment.

Similarly, luxurious relaxing bathrooms with facilities like walk-in showers, connected walk-in closets, floors with radiant heat, towel warmers, and of course a huge tub can help one unwind and take a break from their hectic lives.

Another enticing feature could be a balcony, which can be converted into a meditation deck or a cosy nook for an individual to catch up on some ‘me time’. Look out for advanced technology integrated into the house – automated doors and windows, smoke alarms, light and heat sensors, master remote controls, etc.

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