Sumer Group is the flagship institution that has its presence in a plethora of industries ranging from earthmoving to construction. In the construction sector it has under its umbrella a string of construction firms by the name of

• R.K.Builders
• Ekta Commercial Pvt.Ltd.
• Sumer Development
• Arvind Properties Pvt.Ltd.
• Sumer Builders
• Sumer Associates
• Janak Holdings Pvt.Ltd.

Sumer Group has been a boon to the luxury home lovers of Mumbai and its outskirts. Since 1965, the company has made genuine efforts to fulfill all residential, commercial and industrial property development plans in the city. Several lacs of barren land have become eye candy due to the sheer masterpieces built to perfection by this potential developer.

All builders have a unique role to adhere to in the society. Every aspect of the building, its interiors are factors that have to be carefully looked upon. But one has to consider the unseen role of a builder in relation to their construction. The road outside the building, is it well constructed? Is the locality safe? Is the place convenient for all purposes that a resident would require to reside safely? These questions are only a gist of the queries a builder would have to consider. Sumer Group accounts for every detail while planning the construction. Their buildings change the face of the locality where it is erected. No building clusters another building. In fact most of the complexes look like landscapes.

Luxury and modern amenities backed with value for money has been the motto of Sumer Group, on the basis of which it has endowed many a grand construction that Mumbai city witnesses. Ultramodern amenities, luxury fittings or state-of-the-art furniture, every detail of lifestyle has been given importance in the homes constructed by Sumer. Space is one thing that is abundant in Sumer’s homes. Spacious homes with an uncompromising attitude towards quality, perfection, time commitment and after sale service are the key factors of the company’s success. The specialty of Sumer Group is that no two flats have the same look. Not only do the buildings look magnificent from outside but the inside too has been astonishingly built. Every home is enriched with sunlight and is well ventilated with breath taking interiors. Scenic views and affinity to nature also have an important standing in the construction.

Potential work done by these builders is due to the contribution of their top class, highly qualified and experienced engineers who plan these constructions, which are backed by all round professionals who work keeping in mind every minute detail. Modern technologies and machines are put to the test every now and then. Top class machinery for bettering constructions are in abundance and these machines help in completing projects faster and to utmost perfection.

It’s the combination of these factors that make Sumer Group such a cutting edge factor in the market.

Sumer Group is not just a profit making association; they build homes and not houses. They treat clients with great responsibility and not just someone who they sell property to. Hence buying a house or a property at Sumer actually defines comfort and trust, when one buys property at Sumer, it also means buying peace of mind.