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Sumer Earth Movers started in the year 2003 is an independent firm that deals with companies in the construction field and rock blasting business. It owns latest machineries like Model No. HM– 1000 of Atlas Copco and Poclain– L&T 90 CK. Over a period of time the company has purchased number of machineries and equipments.

On hilly areas with rocky strata, to flatten the hillock, rock cutting and blasting has to be done which takes substantial amount of time. Further, the hillock has to be cut and levelled before going ahead with laying of foundations for the buildings. In some places the levelling has to be done until a depth of 50 metres to bring it to the ground level. For the rock excavation purpose, Sumer Group has a L&T 90CK hydraulic excavator and six L&T hydraulic excavators. Some of the other equipments, bought specially for the Chandavli project include heavy-duty dumpers, hydraulic excavators & rock breakers. Two rock breakers were imported by Sumer Group, out of which Krupp1000 rock breaker is a heavy duty one and Sumer Group is the first company in India to own such a rock breaker.

Sumer Earth Movers has expanded successfully in spite of being very new. The machines are used for the company as well as rented out to other firms for the purpose of construction. Sumer provides the required groundwork ranging from sizes 2,000 sq. ft. upwards to suit the project requirement. Sumer Earth Movers has successfully excavated a 3, 00,000 sq. ft. area in 15 days, working 24 x 7 with more than 175 earthmoving machines and dumpers. Total site preparation often includes using a wide variety of equipments from breakers, excavators, tractors, dumpers, trailer tractors and much more to transform raw property into a workable site.

The machines are also used to remove existing structures like roads, parking lots or buildings. These sites are replaced with proper foundations for new structures.

This unit operate mobile drilling machines to bore blast holes in open-pit mines and quarries, bore holes for blasting and for building foundations at construction sites. Blasters in this unit fill blast holes with explosives and detonate explosives to dislodge coal, ore and rock to demolish structures. They are employed by mining, quarrying and construction companies and by drilling and blasting contractors. Sumer Earth Movers also undertakes the work of “Bore Blasting” as well as “Dragon Blasting”.

Sumer uses all available resources to invest in the latest, technologically advanced equipment. No matter how big the requirement is, Sumer Earth Movers is the only company equipped with the right machinery, man power and storage space to match it.