• Remus Group


Sumer in the stone sector has under its umbrella a string of stone firms by the name of “Eliza Finvest Pvt. Ltd.”

Sumer Stone commenced under the guidance of Sumer Builders, as a sister concern of Sumer Builders, in the year 2003.

This company undertakes projects such as :

  • Crushing of Sand – Sumer Stones has the machinery for this intensive work backed by the engineers to support this function. The Chandivali Sumer Valley project was an example of this work.
  • Crushed sand – Small machines can be used along with Stone crusher units, where Grit and fine particles are waste. Sand at large scale is manufactured directly from bigger size stones up to 500 mm size. These bigger stones should be crushed to a -8 mm for feeding. Sumer Stones have machines fully-equipped for this process.
  • Metal Stone, Rabali, and Khapchi – these stones have high value for the purpose of constructions. Sumer Stone has the equipments for the purpose of generating these useful resources.
  • RMC – These are ready-to-mix concrete machines. Commonly used to mix and crush construction materials such as cement. Sumer has many such machines which are visible at any of the under-construction sites. Even these machines are hired out to other companies.